Your creative network is your superpower | Pasta, Wine and ArchViz

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Community is King in the Arch-Viz World. In an industry where the game plan was built on new tech, we are all on the front lines testing how to best use innovation in making visual stories. The rules are always changing as the environment develops, so trading tips and collaborative competition is the only way to go forward. 3D artists are more of a gaming clan than competitors. Demand for Arch-Viz solutions grows exponentially with the skills and abilities of its community. So, the industry focuses more on fostering talent than pitching players against each other.

We, as a start-up, experienced it first hand. Familiar with the culture of sharing in the field, our artists did progress using all the resources available out there BUT actually getting to know the community made us understand the power of a real creative network. GRAPHROOT went to SOA Academy DAY #8 because, Christopher Malheiros - an artist we admire - insisted anyone working in the field should meet the community and check out the SOA event. On top of being a brilliant artist, Christopher was our Arch-Viz guide and gave us some pretty good insights on how the industry works.

The Arch-Viz Clan or How we found ourselves in a real-life MOBA universe #ArchvizTrueStory

After the daylong presentations, we found ourselves dining with a surprising crowd: Ronen Bekerman, Johannes Wolfgang König, Philip Paar and Johannes Lindqvist.

We all grew up playing PvP games. Remember how it felt the first time you switched to MOBA? It took a minute to sink in that winning together meant using every member's best skills. This small Italian dinner party painted a close-up of the Arch-Viz Universe. Just think about it: we had in front of us a representation of all the important industry pillars.

You have Ronen Bekerman, the authority in curated Arch-Viz resources, that dedicated his time to helping the industry develop by promoting the culture of sharing, as #theTank that keeps everyone engaged and in-line with the values.

#theHealer: Philip Paar from Laubwerk, giving us the tools to make our exteriors as good as real life. What is Architectural Visualization without neat software to enhance artist abilities and let more time for the creative process?

Image Credits: Laubwerk

Anyone knowing BloomImages work for Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie understands why Johannes Wolfgang König is a representative of #theSpecialist. With a strong know-how, setting the industry quality standard is what they bring to the fight.

Johannes Lindqvist has creative instinct and artistic intuition on his side, so he was a perfect fit as #theAssassin. His work as a CGI photographer showcases a different approach to Arch-Viz.

GRAPHROOT is #theWarrior in this scenario. While we are not Tanks, Specialists, Healers or Assassins, we believe in the power of the creative crowd and endorse sharing know-how in the Arch-Viz community by putting our experiences to the mix.

Truth is, this is no ordinary industry. There are no formal schools that take you from 0 to specialist. How Arch-Viz adapts to new tech is determined by the community's commitment to innovation. The self-learn path is a natural selection process for an ever-changing field. Know-how is up there for anyone interested. For artists, the only limit is their drive for exploration.

In this field, you are as strong as your creative network. If most industries are focused on a "me against the world" strategy, Arch-Viz is playing a different game.

And this is why we believe your creative network is your biggest superpower.

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